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Wood has been slowly creeping into our fashion industry, and appears to be gaining a lot of momentum. We've analysed the material, and come up with 5 reasons we feel wood is here to stay and should be on our wishlists for summer.


Wood Trend: 4estshadesZA blog
Stay Wild!


If you get bored with plastic materials, if you think metallic frames are very unnatural, welcome to the wooden club. The world needs to change and nature is all we need. It's time to think green. If you want a better world, start with yourself.


Thousands of different shapes and frames, and they are all copies of a copy of a copy. Why be the same when you have a different option. Wood makes you stand out in crowd. Don't do fashion, be fashion.


What can your current sunglasses do? Other than getting lost, everywhere? Their safety requires all your attention when you are at the beach, swimming, surfing, kayaking or just trying to have a great time with your friends? Forget your old habits and get a life. Get your new wooden sunglasses and never be concerned about their safety again.

Because like everything cool, wooden sunglasses can swim too.


Wood Trend: 4estshadesZA blog
Aqua Sunnies


Did you ever see a growing plastic cube? Or a young and healthy metallic surface? Different to most of the other fashion materials, wood is renewable, and recyclable. It's good for the environment, not like the petrol based plastic products. Love your environment, love yourself, love the new black.


Wood Trend: 4estshadesZA blog
Hey there you


It's not everyday people see wooden fashion products around. Of course other than amazing old-school surf boards or cool skate boards  (you get the point:) ) Wood products grab all the attention around and are always the hero of the day. Be the hero of the day.

We've got a few examples of Wooden Sunglassses for you here

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Maple Wood Sunglasses

Sunglasses Handmade from Wood, Just For You. 

A sleek all maple wood frame complete with polarized lenses and intricately carved arms. 

A classy beast, ready to improve everything. Ever.

With our launch getting closer, we think a discount of R300, with FREE SHIPPING is all the reason you need to get involved!





Polarized Lenses – Perfect for water, snow, driving or the beach. Premium UV400 lenses with anti-glare and blocks UVA/ UVB rays to give your eyes full protection.

They Float – We have the original custom floating shades. Stop loosing your eyewear in the water!

Built To Last – With stainless steel double spring hinges, our shades are built to last.

Universal Fit – One size fits all.

Makes The Perfect Gift – Our awesome shades make a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

Bamboo Case, Cloth Pouch and Microfibre Cloth – Each pair of 4EST Shades comes equipped with a personalized bamboo travel case, cloth pouch and microfibre cloth to ensure your shades are lean and protected.


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We hope you enjoy your stay!
As 4estShades, we get our inspiration from nature and mixing our designs with the gifts it has to offer. We are people of nature. With the polarised, handmade, real wooden sunglasses designs, Canadian based 4estShades is now in South Africa, one of the design centers of the world.
and you will!
Every time you; put your sunglasses on the table, wear them to the beach, or be in a new environment, 4estShades will be the topic of conversation. While walking, exercising, or on vacation, heads will turn.
Say thank you friends!
We believe in the balance of nature. We know that the eco-system works perfectly and are grateful for everything it gives. Our roots are planted in the soil and which has fed us for thousands of years. Now it's time to thank to it for inspiring us, being our home and our life source. That's why every 4estShades you wear, sees 2 trees planted. Be sustainable, feel good. Let the wood be with you. Wear the strongest and most elegant part of nature. A new you, that's close to nature and far from the old overused trends. Give this vibe to yourself as a gift this year. From now on 4estShades is in South Africa. Nice to meet you, and see you soon. For news and some inspiration, follow us on