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We hope you enjoy your stay!

As 4estShades, we get our inspiration from nature and mixing our designs with the gifts it has to offer. We are people of nature. With the polarised, handmade, real wooden sunglasses designs, Canadian based 4estShades is now in South Africa, one of the design centers of the world.

and you will!

Every time you; put your sunglasses on the table, wear them to the beach, or be in a new environment, 4estShades will be the topic of conversation. While walking, exercising, or on vacation, heads will turn.

Say thank you friends!

We believe in the balance of nature. We know that the eco-system works perfectly and are grateful for everything it gives. Our roots are planted in the soil and which has fed us for thousands of years. Now it’s time to thank to it for inspiring us, being our home and our life source. That’s why every 4estShades you wear, sees 2 trees planted. Be sustainable, feel good.

Let the wood be with you.

Wear the strongest and most elegant part of nature. A new you, that’s close to nature and far from the old overused trends. Give this vibe to yourself as a gift this year.

From now on 4estShades is in South Africa. Nice to meet you, and see you soon.

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  1. Good Morning 4EST,

    I ordered a pair of sunglasses off the ONEDAYONLY website in November when you ran the special with them, the glasses were a Christmas gift for my husband.
    When he opened them on Christmas day, he noticed that there were two scratches on the lenses (this is the first time we had opened the glasses case and had a look)- the scratches are quite prominent or else I wouldn’t be sending this message.

    I am not sure if it is possible to exchange the glasses? or if there is something else you can do?
    I know we bought them through ONEDAYONLY

    Looking forward to your response

    Louise de Jager

    1. Hey Louise,

      Just checking in to make sure everything got sorted?


  2. My wife bought me a pair of dark brown bamboo shades for my birthday yesterday and unfortunately when I was putting the lid on the case the glasses were not in properly and the arm/temple broke.

    I’m not sure if there is any warranty on these but if not can you confirm the cost to replace an arm/temple?


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